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Job Experience

2020 - Present

Howard Center for Investigative Journalism
Investigative and Data Reporter 

  • Led the writing of an international investigation into migrant seafood worker protections – The Associated Press, Washington Post and dozens of outlets published our story. 

  • Led reporting in national investigations of public housing evictions and COVID-19 eviction bans. The New York Times and hundreds of outlets published our stories.

  • Retrieved, organized and analyzed data from the Library of Congress for a national investigation into white-owned newspapers that promoted lynchings. 

2019 - 2020

Assistant Producer

  • Pitched, produced, edited & published 160 videos for the homepage team, yielding over 24 million views to 

2016 - 2018

Stanford University and

Johns Hopkins University
Field Interviewer

  • Led over 50 long-form interviews with rural renters and public housing tenants to help poverty & inequality scholars write research and policy reports on economic stability programs.


Data visualization: Flourish, Datawrapper and Adobe Illustrator

Data analysis: R Studio, Google Sheets and Excel

Audience engagement: SEO, Chartbeat and Adobe Analytics

Photos: DSLR cameras and Adobe Lightroom

Languages: Bengali (fluent) and Spanish (intermediate)


Other Experience

Asian American Journalists Association: Investigative fellow, 2021 

Capital News Service: Maryland statehouse reporter, 2021

The Telegraph, India: Visiting reporter, 2018 

NPR San Bernardino: Radio volunteer, 2018

Brookings Institution: Research intern, 2017


University of Maryland: Master's degree in journalism. Receiving the program's top merit-based scholarship. Will graduate in May 2022

Johns Hopkins University: Bachelor's degree in sociology and social policy. Concentrated on racial and socioeconomic disparities in Baltimore

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